Core Capabilities

Core Capabilities

Program Management

FWG Solutions provides a “best practice” project managed approach to each of its work engagements to deliver excellence and customer satisfaction for our solution “on-time” every time. Supported by our FWG Solutions Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO), within each of our contracted opportunities, FWG implements:

Combined Standard/Methodology Based Approach that adapts standards based “good practices” that help most projects, most of the time, to FWG Solutions “best practices.” FWG Solutions combines the relevant parts of the following industry proven methodologies and standards to drive quality and information security in the products and services that we provide, and guide them to a successful result:

  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
  • ANSI/EIA-748C – Earned Value Management
  • ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Technology Security Techniques for Information Security Management Systems
  • Carnegie Mellon University – Capability Maturity Model Integration for Services (CMMI-SVC)
  • ISO/IEC 20000 – IT Service Management

Detailed Project Planning supporting the various perspectives of the project or program, from brief milestone summary schedules for overall project reporting to the detail of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Dictionary groundwork that establishes the “how to” within the project.

Realistic and Achievable Project Scheduling based on lead and lag constraints, workplace maturity and other Enterprise Environmental Factors, assessed risk, resources available, and bottom up task duration estimation. FWG Solutions supports project schedule realism using effective constraint management and Critical Chain-based safety budget transparency.

Effective Risk Management that addresses the risk potential within every project, evaluates the potential for the risk to be incurred as an issue, and the impact should it be incurred through qualitative and quantitative analysis. FWG Solutions also exploits the potential for risk to be treated as an opportunity to fix, streamline, or enhance a part of the project to a successful end that would otherwise have the potential to impair or injure FWG Solutions’ ability to deliver to customer expectations.

Reality-based Effort Estimation in a world of low price point bidding is often a challenge for any organization to deliver while remaining market competitive. FWG Solutions recognizes that solutions that seek Change Request project budget reprogramming for the simplest changes are not advantageous to our customers and are a result of unrealistic estimation. FWG Solutions develops reality-based estimates by balancing the triple constraint of Budget, Time, and available Resources to identify the lowest cost solution and achieve the quality of anticipated customer outcomes. Without the balance of these constraints, a project cannot be based in reality. Without proper effort estimation, the triple constraint cannot be balanced. FWG Solutions uses a variety of project estimation techniques to effectively base our effort estimates in reality depending on whether we are favoring Budget, Time, or available Resources in the balance that support effective project planning that directs resources to achieve a project’s Planned Value (the agreed baseline expectation of effort agreed by the Customer and FWG).

Issue Resolution and Escalation to assure that the problems that may natively occur within a work engagement are controlled and are not exacerbated to such a degree where the project is significantly impacted. FWG Solutions performs this by tracking identified issues and challenging each issue through the assignment of an issue owner who champions each issue to resolution. FWG Solutions recognizes that issue resolution enables our technical team to focus their energy and budget on the technical solution vs. solving random uncontrolled issues. A part of our process involves the partnership with the customer or our internal leadership as issues are escalated to assist with the resolution of difficult issues, and identification and resolution of root cause.

Value Management, Cost Control and Transparency is often an function that organizations have difficulty determining, especially in the initial stages of a project. What is the current value that the customer has received? How does it compare to the budget expenditure? How do I know if my project will be successful or be delivered on time and budget? FWG Solutions uses Earned Value Management to determine through Estimate at Completion metrics that when combined with burn rate trends can determine when the full value of a project will be complete, and how much it might cost when complete. Such knowledge early in a project offers FWG a yardstick by which it may guide project funds to better support the project, more effectively manage risk, or more appropriately manage assigned resources.

Communication comprises nearly 80% of all Project Management activities. FWG Solutions supports the processes and systems that convert data to information, and distribute information to project stakeholders. Linus Torvallis, Project Manager over the creation of the Linux Operating System, once said “With enough eyes, all bugs are shallow.” FWG Solutions has adopted this philosophy in our reporting and information distribution methods to ensure that the myriad of moving parts within every project are communicated to those who will do the work or who they affect.

In addition, a central focus of FWG Solution’s EPMO is to help standardize these best practices across all FWG Solutions work engagements and provide some form of project management support to work engagements that do not require a full time project manager.

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IT Governance & Planning

FWG Solutions recognizes that all good things begin with data as data are the building blocks upon which grand designs are built when combined with other data. In most cases, data, when mixed with other relevant data, creates information, or produces data that answers the question asked. FWG Solutions Program Management Services use information in the context of Business Intelligence using a set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. One specific area that FWG Solutions excels is in the area of Earned Value Management (EVM), where we have made investments in Deltek, MS Project Server, and qualified program and project management skilled resources to support an Earned Value Management System that guides the IT Strategic Development, Governance & Planning of program and project effort. It is believed that only something like a crystal ball can predict the future. Within FWG Solutions, Earned Value Management is that crystal ball that transforms the raw data of current work and schedule trends to predict if the project team should work a little harder, smarter, heavy, or lean to accomplish our customer’s goals, or if the project team is expected to have a surplus at project end that could be used in the present to shore up a risk that might otherwise be detrimental. Our Program Management Services offers the information needed to make informed business decisions.

IT Managed Services & Shared Services

FWG Solutions employs and has access to a wide variety of technologists who are each experts in their respective technological field. Despite their expertise, we recognize that “organizations seldom fail at the technical”, meaning that despite all the expertise in the room that is able to understand, develop and deploy a technical solution, it is often the management of the technical solution that bears the most scrutiny and has the most negative impact on a project if a project is poorly defined. FWG Solutions maintains an Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) directly mitigate against plan failure and kick-start program and project managed work engagements with the FWG best practices that are common to most projects most of the time. On non-project managed work engagements, our EPMO provides necessary supportive management to ensure our customer’s success. The benefits to our customer are clear! Less project risk, a culture of sharing of lessons learned and best practices, organizational process asset sharing, and total oversight of our customer’s interests invested within each project. FWG recognizes that opportunity is a two way street. Our customers offer us the opportunity to win their business and earn their trust through our success, and FWG Solutions offer them IT Solutions and Managed Services to grow, transform, and shape themselves to meet their mission in new and innovative ways.

Vendor Management

FWG’s Vendor Management Office (VMO) serves as a strategic service provider to our firm’s enterprise and to our clients, therefore allowing for consistency in how we manage and deliver solutions and services. Our firm’s established VMO provides processes, templates, tools, and a governance structure that allows for proper management of all of FWG’s engagements. As a result, this level of management has enhanced the success rate of deliverables that we provide to our clients. Considering that each of our clients’ organization has unique needs, FWG’s engineering capabilities are tailored specifically to meet the client’s needs. We have the knowledge and capability to Engineer, Furnish, Install, and Test (EFI&T) solutions.

Training (Foundational Elements of Cyber Systems)

FWG Solutions led an effort to provide Cybersecurity Training at a Department of State Sponsored event to Federal Government executives. Similar to other kinds of events held throughout the Federal Government, Foundational Elements of Cyber Systems (FECS) did not materialize out of thin air, but was the result of significant project planning, logistics planning, and curriculum planning that made the event a success. FWG Solutions has significant experience in the type of program planning necessary to support a significant training events and other kinds of high visibility, high logistics, efforts that require a planned approach, and the planning necessary to adapt the plan to the new current reality, when risks and issues are incurred in real time. FWG Solutions state of preparedness as a result of it’s thorough planning processes, assures that “the show goes on” despite the constraints imposed.

FWG Expertise & Case Studies

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Risk Management Framework (RMF) Training

US Air Force – FWG Solutions holds a number of Air Force Prime Contract vehicles to include: AFSFC IT BPA, contract # HHSP233201800057B. FWG provides various services to AF agencies both CONUS and OCONUS to include: Cyber Security Risk Management; Tactical Logistics & Communications; Systems Administration; IT Support; Remote Operated Weapons Systems.

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